• Image of Mr Pickles & Performing Pongo Set
  • Image of Mr Pickles & Performing Pongo Set

The jolly joker in the jar, Mr Pickles, he's dead funny! And he's joined by his performing pickled pooch, Pongo!

This is a special circus set from the Pickled Circus, the two jars are accompanied by a signed art print of the duo.

People flocked from miles around to chuckle at Mr Pickles, he was the funniest clown in the world...until one sad day he popped his size 25 clogs in a freak custard pie incident!
If only they could bottle his japes in a jar and share his silliness forever, it turns out they could, thanks to some freak show necromancy and big glass jar!

The cadaverous clown is a member of the Pickled Circus limited edition 'Jar heads' series.

Sculpt approx. size 6 inch

Artworks are packed securely and shipped via tracked and insured postage

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